We are preparing a fragrant event for the reopening of our showroom. 

Theme: ``Deep Waters``and a story about a siren and Neptune.

Sirena and Neptune, a fragrance and beauty event

For the first time we are presenting some of the new bath products made by Arts&Scents for E.P for you. Plus perfume and a few fragrant surprises.

                                           We'll be announcing more about that soon.

                                        In the meantime, here is some important information:

                   As we all know: Oldies are Goldies, but change is a good start to the future.

In conjunction with our new event schedules, themed around deep waters, sirens and sea gods, we're reminiscing about our last fragrance event: Neptune Call. This one was only for a small group of our regular customers. This time, however, we want to significantly increase the range. We will invite everyone who is interested and wants to visit us. This is part of our new event concept.

Let´s remember:

Our fragrance event 2019, Neptun Call (Neptune - German Neptun) presented a collection of our Arts&Scents fragrances combined with water notes and elements from the sea.

Just to know: Neptune, lord of the seas and all flowing waters in Roman mythology, corresponds to the Greek god of water Poseidon.

             BONNE CHANCE and meet you soon here