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Speaking about the ancient greek world
Here something you should know about the goddess APHRODITE and perfume:

It is said Cyprus was the place where Aphrodite was born: 
The legend tells us that she was devinely formed of the sepiolite and then steped out of the water to the land of Cyprus. 

This was supposed to be happened long before perfume was fabricated on this island. But Aphrodite was in the whole ancient mediterean world known as the goddess of beauty and art. She was always surrounded by finest and gorgeous perfumes. No big considence at all that her place of birth became one of the leading fragrance manufacturing places. 

Aphrodites character was assigned, referring to her bithplace, close to water, meerschaum and sea shells, including  movement and flexibility. Her perfumes where influenced from a sea breeze, sweetness and  brilliant seductive elements from the aromatic Chyprus  fauna.
We may imagine some devine Chypre compositions, Female touch, summer flowers and exotic woods blended in sea water drops. Just delightful.