Green is a spring color
Chypre may be greener
and Tequila makes the party go on

Grün ist eine Frühlingsfarbe
Chypre kann grüner sein
und Tequila hält die Party am Laufen

The fantastic element. A tropical green makaw in the snow
The mask, the dance, the ball.
A promise, a fragrance for dreams to come true.
Go ahead and do your wish!!

Das fantastisches Element. Ein grüner Ara im Schnee
Die Maske, der Tanz, der Ball.
Verheißung, ein Duft der Träume wahr werden lässt.
Worauf wartest du, wünsche es dir!!

In the words of Ida Meister in the fragrantica review:

In Worte von Ida Meister gefasst. ( 

Here are the notes. 
Top: tequila, agave/aloe, verveine
Heart: hyacinth, honeysuckle, jasmine
Base: artemisia, amber, and sandalwood
“It is a perfume of fantasy. Green chypre and the green bird and the winter; spring flowers shall give the imagination of a cool carnival scent, the mask like in very old days, dreams to come true.”
Thus spoke Manuela.
Fantastic Green Bird is most definitely a wild rollercoaster of a scent. It comes on neon-green and larger than life in the first spritz: fresh fizzy and aromatic with indolic undergarments lurking beneath the glamour and glitz.  Be it Mardi Gras or any other Bacchanalian event, this is the perfect fragrance to wear to the party. You could choose to be your own party [that's what I do!]. Why ever not?
Yes, back to the perfume. ;-)  It's citric, herbal, warm in the drydown and cool as a cucumber. Those fabulous florals sing their very lungs out for you, and they own a fine set of pipes, those gals. They're not subtle, and they're not meant to be; you wear Fantastic Green Bird, and you will be noticed, I assure you. Don't wear this to the office, in an elevator, or a cubicle. Just go out into the crowded street, the wild event, and the masked ball. Go out and howl at the moon in it.

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