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Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all?

has designed a mirror which uses virtual reality technology to show exactly how a user would look in an outfit without ever needing to try it on.
The 'blended-reality' mirror combines transmitted images and reflected images to allow the user to see how an outfit would look in different environments.
In a newly filed patent, Amazon says the mirror would combine data from cameras, displays and projectors to virtually add clothes to the user's body.

  • The mirror allows customers to try on clothes without the need for 'real' items
  • Users could even move around in the item and see how it would look on them


    The patent describes the use of displays, cameras and projectors to accurately capture the movements of the user.
    The device is set to utilise the recently acquired technology from Body Labs, which specialises in creating 3D models of human movement using AI software. 
    The Body Labs models would play a role in tracking the movement of the user so they can move around in the virtual clothes.
    The mirror would control the blending of real and artificial images by manipulating the amount of light reflected and the amount of light transmitted.
    'Selective illumination' balances which aspects of the image are reflected and which are projected. 

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