We are proud, honered and amazed!
Could there be any better interpretation in a perfume review as a poem? Exclusive created just for one perfume!!

This poem was written  to express NIGHT &DAWN A Vampires Love and complements somehow perfectly the sense of our original poem.

I am the dark side of night
 Timeless power, eternal life
But you
You are the morning light
Sweet longing scent
  promising transience 
this night
You are my hearts
eternal hight

Between the shadow of twilight and dawn, opposing forces are bound together inextricably by this fragrance of love.  It is passionately, dark, yet full of tender light, unique and fascinating.
Dawn-Lychee Fruits
White Tobacco Flowers, Passion Fruit and  Lightning Tuberoses
Fizzy Red Champagne
Dark Vanilla, Patchouli and Smoked Black Night Sandalwoood

we heart this all over again  and will give it a special place in our Perfume Book 
Thank you!

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