It seems all sooo free and easy...
Celebrities that give deepest insights, all to public,
nude instagrams one after the other,
and youngsters jumping around and let us join hot sex scenes in public on popular series.
Where do we go?
Is this  a vintage calling to the 70s `` Free it all`` or a time spirit thing or just crude?
Don´t we want to have secret moments anymore, something that belongs just to one or a couple?
Is this virtual stuff taking away any private instant because we share it all - leaving nothing more to imagination?

And yeah -- we have to make of course a big difference here between an artistic nude shooting, fashion trends and the way you were a dress, the way you do a snap...


Thrilling outlook or tasteless moments? The questions keep open...

and now, in deed-  just some snaps...

Laura and Evelyn - Big Brother

Oops: Clad in a plunging emerald gown, the 23-year-old reality starlet seemed in such high spirits that she neglected to realise her dress had fallen to the side as she headed home with Jess Hayes:

Charlotte Dawson

Two much! The beauty explained why she did this. 'Kanye and I went to our friend Dave Grutman‘s wedding in Miami, and it’s been a while since our friends have been together and all dressed up, so we were just feeling inspired and wanted to take fun pics,' she said:

Kim Kardashian

Terry and Emma have sex on top of the sheets:

Terry and Emma - Love Island

Laura and Marco romp naked around the house:

Laura and Marco - Big Brother