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Getting the right raw material together for a good natural fragrance base can be a real challenge.
You might do it very systematic and traditional, searching and smelling different plants and put them together into a tincture.



Or you go the more spritual path and search and collect on an upcoming morning nude and enchanted, whatever you need for your perfect potion-tincture.

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However you do it, a big part of creative engagement is necessary.
Its not just to leave some plants in alcohol. Experience helps, the right knowledge about which plant likes to melt with what herb and how much of this stuff has to go inside to get a real awesome smelling result. How to brighten it or give dark drops? How to make a rose smell like a pink rose and the lilies not dump and then put them together to a well balanced, lets say for example summer-flower-base.
The search of rare used plant material and experiment their effects keep thrilled. Sometimes it comes out just as you wanted it and sometimes you have to do it over and over again. Sometimes you might have to use steps between, like enfleurage or infusions.
And somehow in all this creative action there is a magical effect. Astonishing, never thought new discovers and posibilities appear to the nose  just out of the -must be- charmed bottle.