sat front row at H&M Studio's fall 2016 fashion show in Paris yesterday. She wore a colorful dress by the retailer and a gorgeous double crown braid created by her hairstylist, Cesar Ramirez

Sie saß in der ersten Reihe der H&M 2016 Fashion Show in Paris. Sie hatte ein tolles buntes Kleid (H&M) an und einen besonders schön geflochtenen Haarkranz mit Doppelkrone. Ihr Hairstylist: Cesar Ramirez

Haven't mastered a French braid?

Can't be bothered with pre-plaited hair extensions? Try this simplified crown braid instead.
1. Part hair down the center.
2. Starting above the ears, braid each side and secure each one with an elastic.
3. Pull strands apart so the braids look messy.
4. Take one of the braids over the top of your head and pin the end in place. Repeat on the other side, tucking the ends of this one under the first braid before pinning in order to hide it.
5. Finish with hairspray.  

Wenn ihr auch so einen tollen Haarstyle haben wollt, übersetzt bitte einfach die Anleitung dazu oben

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